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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.. You are fascinated by their online presence and reach, but you can also make career just by doing this course. We will introduce you to social media and also teach you to make social media strategy You will learn to build credibility of a brand online as you will post and maintain the profile of a company after completion of the course. Customers will start trusting the brand as you will participate in the SMO platform actively. We will teach you Social trends, social media and communication strategy, sponsored stories, facebook places and facebook page insights. We will teach you how to keep in contact with your customers. If the business makes any change in their contact number or CEO, you will be catalyst in letting customers know about changes through these social platforms. You can help your company requirements like hiring a new employee with particular skill through this social media. Not only this business partners can also be contacted. After the program you will be able to create right profile of your company and manage setting, increase visibility of your brand, handle groups, manage answer events, messages and testimonials. We will teach how to increase traffic to website and increase website traffic. You will be able to determine where conversions are happening. You will also learn how to monitor your reputation online and discover how to set up a quantifiable social media program. You will be able to identify and track top blogs in your industry and acquire the techniques for placing the right messages on leading social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube. You will get 100% Job Assistance, live projects, SMO tools, Monthly work reports, Monthly Rank reports and Monthly Google analytical reporting.

SEO Training Institute in New Delhi, Gurugram & Noida

SMO – Social Media Optimization

  • Introduction to Social Media Optimization & Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy


  • Latest trends
  • Knowing Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages
  • Social media and communications strategy
  • Open Graph
  • Frictionless sharing
  • Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)
  • Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)
  • Facebook Apps
  • Measuring and Monitoring
  • Facebook page Insights
  • Post-Level & Page-Level Data Analysis
  • Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Places and check-ins
  • Facebook credits
  • Advantages and challenges
  • Pages (Dos & Don’ts)


  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Creating the right profile & settings
  • Increasing reach and visibility
  • Answers, messaging & testimonials
  • Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Groups


  • Introduction to Microblogging & Twitter
  • Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing, listening, research
  • Business examples: E-commerce, Support (listening & responding), PR, Image
  • Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, HashTags, Direct Messages)
  • Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure
  • Twitter Account Promotion
  • Advertising – tweet for pay
  • Searching tweets and users
  • Twitter Demographics
  • Measuring Influence
  • Twitiquette
  • Who to follow
  • Twitter Lists
  • Tracking Code


  • Online video – content is king
  • Viral’ films and brand
  • Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
  • Social sharing, comments and reviews
  • Getting an audience
  • Creating and managing an account
  • Using Ads inside Videos
  • Promoting Youtube Videos


  • Setting Social Objectives
  • Social Strategies & Tactics for Google+
  • +1 & Sharing
  • Integration with your site
  • Promoting on Google+ using Pages
  • URL Shortening Tools


  • Pinterest Brand Profile
  • Relevant Boards & Pin creation
  • Followers & Following
  • Pin Likes, Re-pin, Commenting

Online PR/News/Reputation Management

  • Introduction to Online Press Releases
  • Handling the Press – The Golden Rules
  • Successful Marketing and PR Strategies
  • Introduction to Online Reputation Management
  • Ensure Your Customers Defend You From a Bad Review
  • Responding to Negative Reviews
  • Reducing Negative Reviews
  • Making Popular Brand


  • Blogs Creation
  • Blogs Submission
  • Blogs Promotion
  • Blogs Sharing
  • Blogs Weekly Postings
  • Blogs Commenting

Google Adsense

  • Introduction to Google Adsense
  • Google Adsense Approval Process
  • How to Get Relevant Adsense Ads
  • Google Adsense Ad Format Sizes
  • Making Money with Google Adsense
  • Google Adsense Ad Colors
  • Google Adsense Revenue Sharing
  • Google Adsense Optimization Tips

Google Analytics

  • Analytics Setup
  • Installation Techniques
  • Campaign Tracking & Analysis
  • Interpreting Essential Website Data
  • Motion Charts
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Advanced Filters


  • SMO Tools
  • Live Projects
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • FREE SMO Book
  • Resume Sending
  • Monthly Social Media Report
  • Monthly Traffic Report
  • FREE Telephone & Email Support
    • Personal Training Schedule: Every Alternate Day
    • Personal Training Location: Online
    • Have a Questions? WhatsApp: +91 9911-8242-95 

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